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Team Bonding Part I

Always up to something on Saturdays, blog by Susana Somerton

September 11th: Spike Ball Tournament

Since a swim practice and fitness testing just wasn't enough for one day, Reds Swimming headed to Queens Square for more sports!

Left to right: Maggie, Lauren, Isabelle, Alexie, Jenn

Hannah, holding the spikeball tournament bracket she designed.

The final winners were Eric Jean and Ahmed Helal.

Emily and Eric, the dynamic duo, showing off their gymnastics tricks.

Co-Winner Ahmed serving the ball

The first of many team photos:

September 18th 2021: Fredericton Boyce Market

After swimming and going to the gym, food was a first priority for the Reds swimmers. The solution: The Fredericton Boyce Farmer's Market on George St.

Popular lunch choices included donairs, samosas, and of course some lemonade, churros, and fudge.

September 18th 2021: Mactaquac Beach

For the second week in a row, swim practice and going to the gym failed to stop the Reds swimmers from finding another activity for their Saturday.

A large group of first and second years headed to Mactaquac beach, with paddle boards and floaties in hand.

Emily and Sydney, look no hands!

Jessie just hanging out

The Boys (Bros):

Left to Right: Bill, Blake, Landen, Luke, Matt, Josh

Matt, Susana, Landen, Blake, Grace, Bill

Yoga anyone?

Susana, Emily, Landen, and Bill

Selfie Time

Showing off on paddle boards, Landen and Bill

Grace gets the hang of it!

Why not combine two sports? Bill and Landen play catch, on paddle boards

Teamwork makes the dream work, especially when it comes to floaties: Suse and Soph

True besties share the tube: Syd and Em

Who needs a relaxing Saturday when you can make memories and friends...

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