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week one twenty-twenty-one

The beginning of the best year ever, blog by Susana Somerton

September 4th 2021: MOVE IN DAY

From left to right: Grace Smith, Matt Croft, and Maggie Gray

Reds swimmers volunteered to help new students at the residences on move-in day!

September 11th 2021: FIRST PRACTICE

Isabelle Stewart, excited to use her snorkel again (Sydney Bewsher in the background, laughing because Isabelle looks silly)

Eric Jean, Sarah Kelly, and an unidentified but also very excited arm:

Making a splash back in the pool:

Marta Belsh (the best coach ever), the most excited of all:

September 11th 2021: Fitness Testing

Our strength and conditioning coach Mark Gifford ran the fitness testing after practice, in the High Performance Centre.

Reds Swimming waits patiently for their turn on the force plate, to test isometric mid thigh pulls (fancy).

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