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Hannah MacLeod





Fall River, NS

Previous Teams:

Pictou Mariners, Dartmouth Crusaders, Sackville Waves

Years Swimming:


Describing UNB Swimming:

Fun, supportive, exciting


Even More:

Hannah MacLeod is a fierce competitor in the pool and a valuable member of the UNB REDS swim team. She was drawn to the team's amazing atmosphere, with everyone being kind and supportive. The spirit on deck is fantastic and that, coupled with the great training program, made her choose UNB.

In her free time, Hannah enjoys spending time with her pets, including Bob the cat, and two dogs named Chewy and Goose. She also has a hidden talent for accents, which makes her a hit at parties. Hannah is a big fan of anything Marvel and loves the competitive atmosphere of swimming meets, especially relays. She is proud of her personal best at easterns, as well as getting a meet record in Maine USA.

Hannah is a dedicated and hardworking athlete and continues to make a positive impact on the UNB REDS swim team. She is a true inspiration to many and continues to strive for excellence in the pool and in life.

Hannah MacLeod

What Makes

UNB Special?

The team atmosphere is amazing. Everyone is so kind and really supportive. The spirit on deck is fantastic. All of that plus the great training program made me choose UNB.

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