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Discover the UNB Swimming Team—a dynamic group of skilled and dedicated athletes, unwavering in their commitment to maintain UNB's competitive edge across Canada.

Constantly seeking fresh talent, we aim to remain at the forefront of Atlantic Canada's top teams.

Interested in diving into the action? Search below to learn more of what is is to be a part of UNB Swimming

About Us: Portfolio

What to Study?

Click below to explore profiles of our swimmers from a wide range of degree programs. Even if you're uncertain about your path, reach out to us, and we'll connect you with the perfect person to guide your journey.

How much will I Improve?

We have some of the most improved athletes in the conference, click below to learn more about some of our most notable swimmers and what UNB did for them


Training Schedule

Click below for an insider’s view of a UNB swimmer's schedule, offering a detailed breakdown and a sample practice so you can discover the exceptional quality

and commitment embedded in our daily routines.


Click below to access our FAQ page, featuring a comprehensive list of answers to the common questions posed by our new recruits prior to joining.

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