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Alexie LeBouthillier

She/ Her




New Maryland, NB

Previous Teams:

Fredericton Aquanaut Swim Team

Years Swimming:

Describing UNB Swimming:

Encouraging, Cheerful, Determination


Even More:

Alexie is a fun and hard working swimmer. In the pool, Alexie is happy to accomplish personal goals she has set for herself with the help of her coach, Marta, who she is delighted to have joined the UNB Reds. She also appreciates the support of her teammates and loves seeing all of her hard work pay off in the pool. In her spare time, Alexie works at a daycare and really loves kids, as well as volunteering with a family to do activities with refugee children. Additionally, Alexie has been a Dean's list recipient three years in a row, and likes to run during the off season. Her favourite superhero is the Hulk, and she could eat chocolate for the rest of her life. Although her dream job is to be a corporate lawyer, she also envisions herself parasailing, surfing, flying in a hot air balloon, going to the redhead festival in the Netherlands, and traveling the world. Alexie’s best pump up song is All of the Lights and her favourite movie is Titanic. Alexie has a pet named Lex and she is considered a rare human being due to her combinations of red hair and blue eyes.

Alexie LeBouthillier

What Makes

UNB Special?

The positive and uplifting environment

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