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Emily Maillet

She/ Her




Riverview, NB

Previous Teams:

Codiac Vikings Aquatics Club

Years Swimming:


Describing UNB Swimming:

Welcoming, Motivating and Family


Even More:

Emily is a fun-loving gal who loves ketchup and Cardi B. Emily would karaoke to anything Cardi B since she already knows all the words, her pump up song is Cardi B classic Money, and if she could meet anyone it would be Cardi B, hands down. Emily is most proud of having the opportunity to be team captain during her final year on CVAC, where she still coaches, in addition to coaching for FAST and volunteering with the ISP. Emily’s favorite movie is Ratatouille and she is exactly 5 feet tall. Her dream is to compete on Amazing Race Canada and she is very competitive, and loves racing as well as watching her teammates race, especially at the time trial meet in Saint John in March 2020. Emily’s dream vacation is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, her favorite superhero is Thor, and she could eat popcorn for the rest of her life! Emily has two cats, named Mabel and Fido, and a dog named Macy, who she loves just as much as Cardi B.

Emily Maillet

What Makes

UNB Special?

The connection between all my teammates and coaches

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