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Isabelle Stewart

She/ Her




Fredericton, NB

Previous Teams:

Brandon Bluefins, and prior to that the Northwest Narwhals

Years Swimming:


Describing UNB Swimming:

Unpredictable, Memorable, and FUN


Even More:

Isabelle is an upbeat and energetic team member who eats her burgers and hot dogs with mustard, would eat black olives for the rest of her life, and will unapologetically karaoke to All Star by Smash Mouth. Isabelle’s most memorable swimming moment is the energy on the pool deck at AUS 2020, which she fails to even describe, other than to express the unbelievable support for one another across all teams. She loves every aspect of swim meets, and her pump up song is Seven Nation Army feat. KOYSINA. Isabelle has a dog named Stephen and a cat named Puss in boots. Isabelle dreams of skydiving and travelling to Iceland, and her dream vacation is anywhere with a beach. Her favorite superhero is Batman, and if she could meet anyone, it would be Hilary Duff. Isabelle is always willing to attempt other sports and enjoys hiking and adventuring with swim team friends. She is proudest of making it through a full year of online classes and sticking to it, and she believes in the little things.

Isabelle Stewart

What Makes

UNB Special?

UNB made me fall in love with swimming and school. I was not in a place before where I can say that. I can definitely say that I have made lifelong friends and memories.

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