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Jenn Moore

She/ Her




Job Title


Hamilton Aquatic Club



3 Words About UNB:

Family, Supportive, Wet



Jenn Moore is an amazing swimmer and even cooler person. She has a long list of things to be proud of with UNB, including graduating from a BSc with first class honors, completing an honours thesis, her medals as a Reds Swimmer, and standing on the podium with her relay teams. When it comes to condiments, however, Jenn is a plain jane. She gets most excited about when they announce swimmers names during finals and everyone gets to cheer for their teammates. One day, Jenn would like to have a dog named Snickelfritx and go to Greece. She aspires to be a Marine Biology professor and could eat spaghetti for the rest of her life. When the national anthem plays at swim meets, Jenn feels really pumped up because she feels counted on by her country to do her best. Her secret talent is waterskiing barefoot and she loves to karaoke to rock n’ roll. Jenn’s favorite move is Kingsmen and she hasn’t cut her hair in a decade. She would like to visit every continent, scuba dive into an underwater cave, skydive, and keep being her coolest self. Jenn’s fondest memories with the UNB Reds are the spaghetti dinners right before AUS every year.

What makes

This place has become my home. It is special to me because I have gotten to meet so many people and lived so many experiences who have helped me grow as an athlete, a student, and as a person. It is also very special to me that I got to many of the creatures who live in the ocean nearby while studying my marine biology degree.


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