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Lauren Goodine

She/ Her




Plaster Rock, NB

Previous Teams:

Western Valley Swim Team and NES

Years Swimming:

Describing UNB Swimming:

Supportive, Encouraging, Exciting


Even More:

Lauren Goodine is a super fun gal with a taste for adventure. Items on her bucket list include backpacking around Europe, owning a hippy van, and finishing the fundy footpath. One day, Lauren aspires to be a travel journalist and she really wants to go to Greece. When Lauren’s head isn't in the clouds, it's in her textbooks studying hard, or out in the community, helping with groups like the UNB ISP and World Pond Hockey. Her most memorable moment as a UNB Red is swimming a relay at AUS, and her favourite part of swimming for the team are team events and bus rides home after a swim meet. Lauren’s pump-up song is Tim McGraw’s Something Like That, and clearly a country music fan, she loves to karaoke to Party for 2 by Shania Twain. Lauren has two german shepherds named Sage and Ash, and there are no traffic lights in her hometown. She can do the splits, and would eat soley potatoes for the rest of her life if she could.

Lauren Goodine

What Makes

UNB Special?

The team is such a welcoming and tight knit group and everyone is so supportive

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