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Nikki Connors

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3 Words About UNB:

Team Oriented, Fun, Encouraging



Nikki is a super fun kool aid-lover, who has an incredible knack for braiding hair, and hopes to one day be a paediatrician. Nikki’s most memorable moment as a UNB Red was her first AUS, which she describes as a totally unique atmosphere where everyone was cheering so loud, with incredible races to watch. At AUS 2020, Nikki swam a best time by 4 seconds in her 100 breaststroke, which is her proudest moment in swimming! At swim meets, Nikki loves cheering on the team and seeing people’s hard work in training really pay off. Parasailing is on Nikki’s bucket list, as well as Hawaii and Thailand. Nikki’s pump up song is Inner Ninja by Classified, and her favorite karaoke song is Rockstar by Nickelback. If she could eat only one food for the rest of her life, it would be smoothies because they are so easy to mix up. Outside of swimming, Nikki volunteers with the best buddies group, and Opal families services working with kids with intellectual disabilities. She also works with the UNB ISP and the athletics department and is proud of her Academic All Canadian award since she puts a lot into her school work.

What makes

Being apart of a team I feel has allowed me to have an incredibly different university experience in the best way possible! It’s allowed me to meet some people in my classes and study together and also learn a bit about other programs too. It has taught me how to manage time better and prioritize.


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