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Sophie Casey

She/ Her




Job Title


Dartmouth Crusaders, Bedford Beavers



3 Words About UNB:

Exciting, Fun, Friends



Sophie is a fun and dedicated swimmer, who is most proud of her accomplishments in Winnipeg, Manitoba for Canada Games. She also participates in the UNB International Swim Program, and is a hard working student. She loves ketchup, and the movie Now You See Me 2. Sophie would like to go to Iceland one day, and she has two cats named Mimi and Dorothy. Sophie’s favourite part of swimming for the UNB Reds this year was travelling to Saint John for a swim meet.

What makes

Even though most places and teams were shut down because of Covid, I was still able to move to Fredericton and swim with the team practically full time the entire year, which was incredible because most other varsity teams did not have access to a pool for most of the year, so I feel so fortunate that I was able to come and train with the team despite being from another province. I've made so many new friends this year, including my amazing roommates who also swim on the team, it was so easy to make friends since the team is so welcoming to everyone and make practices so much fun. Even though I've only done school at UNB online, I still learned a lot this year and got to take classes specific to what I love doing. I'm excited for the rest of my degree at UNB and swimming with the team!


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