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how many swimmers are there?

Every year the UNB swim team has varying numbers of athletes. This year the UNB swim team is made up of 16 women and 3 men for the 2020-2021 season. 

Where do you train?

The UNB swim team trains out of the Sir Max Aitkin Pool, located in the Lady Beaverbrook Gymnasium building. 

Our training in the gym takes place in the Canadian Sport Center Atlantic. You can learn more about their gym here.

can I live?

UNB is home to 13 residence buildings, which are right on campus close to classes, swimming, dining, libraries and more. 

Living in residence gives you the opportunity to have the freedom of living on your own but having the support to be successful as a student athlete. 

What is training like?

Our swimming training varies between sessions, though we always make sure to have fun. 

We have multiple session in the gym where we focus on strength conditioning. For the pool training you can learn more about it by clicking here.

How often do you train?

Our team trains between about 11 practices per week and you can learn more about our training schedule by clicking here.

When & Where do you compete?

We compete all across Canada in a varying levels of competitions. This typically is a build up to the AUS championships in February each year, where the top Atlantic university teams compete.

How close is the pool to campus?

The UNB pool right on campus and a quick walk from the downtown. Located right at the bottom of campus the pool is accessible to all UNB students, and especially those living in residence.

What is a varsity team? 
Is it the same as a cluB?

Varsity sports are those in which players are involved in representing the University of New Brunswick in competition with other universities at the highest levels.

Club sports are more causal and have a lower commitment than a varsity sport. 

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